Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Break Time

Heather’s Primary class was delightful and fun. Mine was the same. My kids are really sweet, and far better behaved than Heather’s. I was trying to explain the importance of the Easter holiday. Only one kid actually believed me when I started the lesson saying “Today, we celebrate the birth of the Easter Bunny.” Actually he looked at me incredulously, but after I confirmed that it was true he seemed to accept it. The other kids all protested loudly, telling me I was wrong and that it was really a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. We did have a short conversation of the Easter Bunny, though. One kid said “Some people don’t believe in the Easter Bunny, but I know he’s real because Michael (another child in my class) and I got the same kind of chocolate candy this morning.” I didn’t quite follow his child-like reasoning, but it charmed me to think he was so willing to believe. Children are so capable of believing, especially in something that brings good and joy into the world.

I then asked the kids what their favorite holidays were. I wanted to explain why mine is Easter. After all, without Easter, there would be no reason to celebrate Christmas. Well, half the kids said Christmas, one kid said his birthday. Little Zeke said “Earth Day.” I asked him “do you mean your birthday?” “No,” he said, “I mean EARTH day!” It was cute.

Well, back to work…


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