Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ahhh... the memories

Who could forget Ashlee and Smokey, best friends from the start? We had some fun times that week in October 2004, didn't we, Ashlee?

As we walked through the parking lot upon arrival at this little Holloween festival, all we saw were parents dragging their crying kids to the car. Heather and I wondered aloud how bad this fair could be. Were the kids really so miserable at this charming fair that parents just gave up and took the kids home? We decided to give a try nevertheless.

Well, we had tons of fun. Ashlee rode the pony, petted the goats and llamas, chased newborn piglets, went down the jumbo slide, and had some candy. We were all having a great time. Those whining kids we saw on the way in must have just been spoiled! How could they be unhappy at such a fun place?

Well, after a few hours, we had to leave to get dinner. As we made for the exit, Ashlee started resisting. She wasn't quite done yet. I think she wanted a few more runs down the slide, a few more turns with the pony, and ... well, you get the picture. As it became apparent to Ashlee that we were serious about leaving, and we started towards the car, her precious little heart began to sink, and the tears started flowing. It was then that Heather and I had that "Aha!" moment. We got to the parking lot to find several other parents with crying children. Now, we understood.

It was a fun, fun, fun week when Ashlee came!


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