Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life After Minersville: Hello FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

Life After Minersville: Hello FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just testing this out because Cammie has not been able to post for a bit. Let's see if this actually shows up.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger Camille Craw said...

So that was John. He neglected to sign his name to it. I think we are figuring this site out. So, it has been a good week for us and we are delighted that John is on Spring Break! Hurray for no school for a week. This weekend was good but a bit crazy. It actually makes it nice when general conference starts at 12:00 pm here because of the time change. With general conference at noon, we have the whole morning to get things done. There is a huge sale twice a year called the “mother of twins sale”. It is hyped up to be a place to find all kinds of great deals on baby stuff because people who have had twins donate 2 of everything to the cause and you can purchase swings, car seats, clothes etc. So, Lydia and I went yesterday morning and it was a mad house and I’ve now labeled it as a highly over rated garage sale with prices that weren’t really all that great. There were about 200 people in this church and it was a mad house. We stood in line for over a half an hour to get our stuff checked out. I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping to be able to find a double jogging stroller. No such luck. That means maybe I’ll have to look around a bit more for one. However, I did go to the library to a book sale and purchased 114 books for $5. It was at the end of the sale when I got there so they said that you could buy as many books that fit in a bag for $1. So that was really fun. We put them in a big box and have told Lydia she can have a new book a day for the next 114 days. Another really fun thing happened this week as my former next door neighbor in Provo just moved to Columbus. She is about my same size and she just gave me a ton of clothes for me (my clothes are looking pretty frumpy). She has always dressed really nice—Gap and Abercrombie and Fitch stuff and all in perfect condition. How lucky for me! I guess we're kind of cheap.

Sammy has been a bit feverish the past couple of days and he just wants his mommy. I think he is getting a couple of teeth but time will tell. He slept 8 hours straight last night. That was wonderful…he must not be too miserable or the Tylenol I gave him before bed worked wonders for him. During conference he was a bit whiney but seemed to be feeling better this afternoon. He started giggling again and kicking around. It is sad when you see little ones super lethargic and just laying there. Lydia tries to help him feel better and gives him toys to play with. Of course, moments later she takes them away again but she is trying. She really loves her brother. I have been less than patient with her the past few days. I feel badly. She was really sad when I left the other night to go to the church. She screamed the whole time I was gone. I had to take a lemon cake to the church for an auction they were having. I felt badly for John to have to listen to her scream. She has quite a narrow window of sleep that she needs to be happy. If she doesn’t get enough, life is so traumatic. If she gets too much sleep it kind of does the same thing.

My mom came through town this past week and Lydia got spoiled. We got grandma Susan’s present and presents from Grandma Fay and the same day Lydia received a belated birthday present from Grandpa John. We don't really have anything else earth shattering to share this week. I hope you are doing great and got to see conference. It gets more challenging each time to watch it/listen to it but it is certainly worth it. Have a good week everyone!

At 2:29 PM, Blogger susan said...

Hi Guys, I hope this works. I am so lost in cyberspace I may never find my way back out! I finally had the chance to try the new address I got from Heather and Yay it works. I am struggling as usual to get my homework done--doing this just puts off the evil moment--and hoping I get the day before Easter weekend and the day after off so I can really do my homework. I have been more than a little frustrated by a Professor who thinks it is good teaching to simply read the chapter to us. Since this is from an Educational Psychology Professor, I am dismayed. Is this what I am paying such big bucks for? My prevailing sentiment is, Kill me now! However, I am looking forward to the end of the semester and freedom from homework (not to mention the advent of Jennifer, so I will cease to whine. Hey Kent, I laughed my guts out over the babies laughing! It was entirely too infectious. It's snowing outside today and the wind is blowing like fury. Makes me happy to be in my nice warm house with no reason to venture outside again today.
I really should try to do something productive now, so love to you all....Susan


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