Sunday, March 26, 2006

I finally made it through mid-terms

Hey Family, This is a fun little adventure. I wish my computer skills were up to sending pictures and such like, but since they're not I'll just really enjoy yours. I read all your postings and enjoyed them. Just thought I'd breathe a sigh of relief, I got my essays back from my mid-terms (three weeks ago) and got an A. Hallelujah!!! However, I must say that after having spent the last three weeks in mental turmoil and distress, having waked myself up at unbelievable hours in the morning to rehash errors and second guess myself in every concievable way, and to never have a moment's peace, I can tell you from experience just what hell feels like. The only difference I can see is the temperature of the room and the magnitude of the errors and mistakes. What is really sad is that I have no idea what I did right and only a vague idea of what I did wrong. I am a stranger in a strange land. Since Jenny is not on this blog, I can raise the topic of Disneyland. How about it Kent and Heather? Are you game? I hope I did this right if not I'll just try, try again. love you, Susan


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